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Prairie Contractors Philosophy

Our philosophy is straightforward: Offer the finest craftsmanship, willingly accept responsibility and challenge, provide solutions to client needs, and work to deliver more than our customers expect. We are as fully committed to every project as our clients.


Success is a team effort. We are as fully committed to every project as our clients. From inception, our professionals work to find ways of improving efficiencies, while ensuring the quality and integrity of each project.

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Every detail of the project warrants our close scrutiny. Site visits help to analyze existing conditions and to identify any issues in the earliest stages. Our superintendents and project managers review plans and look for cost-saving solutions before any work begins. Throughout the project, value engineering is an integral part of our work, helping to save time and money without sacrificing quality.


For more than 30 years, Prairie Contractors has completed over 3,000 successful projects. This experience has helped us to deliver an extensive subcontractor and material supplier base. These carefully selected professionals are an important part of the strength that allows us to meet the high standards our clients expect on a timely and highly competitive basis.